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jen- i stand among hypocrites


Hi, Im jen. From Dumbarton in Scotland. I have a little boy called Jack.
He's awesome.

'And you can tell rolling stone magazine that my famous last words were, I'm on drugs!'
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woo [Tuesday, June 27th 2006]
I got applications forms for jobs yesterday.

fun fun.

am off to the doc's today. not so fun.

Urmmm, i dont kow what else to say.
Its hard to find hoodies with a zip!! lol


bored. [Sunday, June 25th 2006]
I cant stop thinking of jamie. Its annoying. keep looking at his pictures and ones of me and him

Aw i can't wait till he gets home and i get my carved wood animal.

:) yay

Im bored. I want a car.
now dad, now!!!!

I miss [Saturday, June 24th 2006]
Jamie so much.
He called me from japan the other day.
Aw gosh i love him.
Like i REALLY love him.
I haven't stopped thinking about him for like 5 days now.
meh. i need a hug.
preferably from him.
He's bought me a present :) hehe
which i did not expect, but then he said he missed me. And i pure started cryin' (this was on msn)
I really want to us to try again. And forget everything in the past, about that girl lynsey and anything else.

I text him sayin this, and told loobi over msn which he then saw. haha
he didnt say anything about it though.
But i really hope we do, cause i love him with all my heart and i miss him so much.

can i hump yoour leg? [Tuesday, June 20th 2006]
[ mood | happy ]

So i went shopping yesterday.
I got 3 of my fave top shop tops, but cause i bught 3 i couldn't get the 2 for £9 deal.

arg arg!
Got PINK!! converse! so pretty,
a bottle of ghost serenity,
really good foundation and concealer.
well the foundation doesn't go on that well, but if your work it. It looks nice.

Urm, got jeans out of Oasis and a few bits and bobs out of monsoon.

And got jack stuff out of next and BABY gap. I love that shop!!

Going to Jamies tonight. :)

yus [Sunday, June 18th 2006]
jamies (round the corner one) is at t4 on the beach lol

i wee'd myself when he told me he was going

i just ate a tub of hagen das strawberry cheesecake, i dont feel good :(

so i need friends on my lj..

i've done nothing today, im gonna try and get an overdraft of 100 quid tomoz so i can go shopping. Im in need of some pretty pink shoes.

and white bras and tops, and my unholy alliance ticket!

i actually miss jamie, lol how gay am i!

well im bored of writing now, so cya hobos later (hobos being noone..)

promotions!!! [Monday, June 12th 2006]
im promoting stuff here. x


FRIENDS ONLY BIZZATCH [Sunday, June 11th 2006]

Friends only bizzatch!! Comment, then add.

DONT PROMOTE STUFF ON THIS POST. Do it on the one above this!!!


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